Friday, January 11, 2008

Catch Up! and Scottish Wedding

Wow! I have been running like crazy and haven't had a chance to post in a while. Let me try to bring you up to the present...

Sarah and Bekah both went back to college on Tuesday, so things are a little bit quieter around here.

Alex is a "Gold Bar" at NC State, meaning the Army has him working with the Recruiter in ROTC until he leaves in Feb. He is still car shopping, so Mark has been driving him back and forth to State, which is somewhat on the way to work for him...

Amanda hurt her foot playing basketball a few weeks ago. Her left foot has been tender along the side, but really didn't bother her unless she was actually running/jumping. But the pain during games has progressively been getting worse, so I took her to the doctor this week. They did x-rays and then sent her to see an orthopedist, who said he couldn't see any fracture, so she is in a "boot" for the next 3 weeks.

Mark and I went on a little getaway to Sarasota, FL last weekend, where we attended the wedding of a former co-worker of his. Mark had been looking forward to "warming his bones" on the beach, but the temperatures plunged all along the East Coast the day we arrived, and the temps were a bit chilly - 50's and 60's - on our first 2 days there! Things warmed up to the 70's on Saturday, so we took a nice long walk along the beach on beautiful Siesta Key in the morning, and then headed to the wedding that afternoon. Although we lived in S. Florida for 6 years early in our marriage, we never did make it over to the Gulf Coast! Sarasota was crowded but pretty.

The wedding was a lot of fun. The bride and groom met while working on assignment for Lenovo in China. Angela had lived in Raleigh prior to that, and had grown up in PA, but her parents were originally from the UK. James is from Scotland ( and that is where the couple now makes their home ) and his mother lives in Australia. So guests were from all over the world - everywhere BUT Florida! There were quite a few kilts, and the brogue was thick! One very unique thing they did was to invite the Scottish Folk Dance Club of Sarasota to come and teach Scottish dancing to the guests at the reception. It was rather like American Square Dancing, and a lot of fun!

Getting away for a few days is a great thing to do for your marriage! The younger kids stayed with friends and the older ones held the fort at home.

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Lea said...

a Scottish wedding! How fun!!!! Glad you were able to get away... I agree, nothing is better for your children then mom and dad renewing!