Saturday, January 19, 2008

A little snow, a little basketball...

Yesterday we had TOG Co-op in the morning. We just finished Week 20 of Yr.1, in which we read about the Divided Kingdom, meaning Judah and Israel, and learned about the various kings and prophets during that time period - Jeroboam, Ahab, Asa, Elijah, Elisha, etc. I am learning so much! Oh yeah, the kids are too.

Last night the Lighthouse basketball teams played at Crossroads Christian School for their Homecoming. Our varsity boys played hard and fought back from a couple of deficits to keep it a very close game, but ended up losing by 3 points. Eric is taking a lot more outside shots this year, and hit a couple of 3-pointers. He wasn't feeling well though, having caught the bug that I had earlier this week - headache, cough, achy...

The weather forecast for today was a possible winter storm with 2"-4" of snow possible - that's a major snow event for this part of the country! But the storm apparently tracked east of us, and we got a day of badly needed rain, which didn't turn to snow until late this afternoon and has left only a dusting on the ground here. Temps tonight are supposed to be in the 20's and not rise much above freezing tomorrow, so the roads might be pretty slick from all the frozen moisture. We'll evaluate going to church in the morning!

Since we weren't getting snow, the Lighthouse vs. Raleigh Hawks basketball games went on as scheduled! The Hawks are the other homeschool basketball team in the Raleigh area, and are somewhat of a rival. They always have a great team, and sometimes blow us out of the water. The game was at 11:30 this morning, and after only 13 hours rest between games, our boys were a bit tired! Also, Eric hardly slept last night and was feeling lousy. But the Eagles came out strong and were hitting their baskets and playing great basketball. It didn't hurt that the Hawks' players were struggling with their shooting during the first half, either. We were ahead at halftime (quite unexpected), but the Hawks started hitting their shots and our guys just ran out of steam toward the end of the game, so at the end we lost by about 20 points. ( I can't remember the exact score ).

Jason's rec league game followed Eric's game, so we drove the short distance between gyms and watched the 9-10 yr olds. Jason got 2 baskets and a couple of assists, and his team won. Hooray. He was very happy!

And to top it off, DUKE won their game against Clemson tonight, and UNC lost to Maryland! Ahhh, a fine end to a pretty good day.


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GrammaJelly said...

Dad and I were thinking about Jason watching the Duke game as we were doing the same. Happy night for Jason for sure.
Could you use some of our mittens, blankets, etc??? Just keep a pot of hot chocolate on the stove today. Love, mom