Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ballroom Dance Lessons, Marriage Therapy, Same thing

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Mark and I just finished the Ballroom Dance lessons that I signed us up for without really asking. Our 14 year old son took them with us. The class was taught by a friends of ours and was made up of homeschooled teens and a few married couples. I love to dance and have fond memories of dancing to big band records with my dad in our living room when I was young.   Mark, not so much. But still, since our middle son is getting married this summer, he was a good sport and figured it might be good to have a couple of smooth moves to show off on the wedding dance floor.

 In seven 2-hour lessons, we learned the foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, East Coast swing, and Virginia Reel, as well as dance floor management and etiquette.  We also learned a few other things.

I will follow, but only if I think he is "doing it right".  Otherwise I will boss and complain.

I won't follow if he isn't leading strongly enough.   What am I, a mind reader?

It is important for the man to keep a strong frame, and for the lady to offer resistance so he can direct her.  Well, finally something I'm good at!

Our friends who were helping teach the class laughed at with us, sharing that they had experienced similar challenges as beginning dancers, and suggesting that ballroom dance class was good marriage therapy. 

Theme song:  Where You Lead, I Will Follow  (and I love Carole King)


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