Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Common Sense: Young Children NEED Their Parents

I was recently talking with a young mom whose 3 children were all preschoolers.  Her oldest was approaching "school age", and she was considering homeschooling but had a lot of questions.  I love talking to people about homeschooling and I think questions are GREAT. 
Anyway, this mom was concerned because her child was rather clingy and didn't like being away from her, and people around her were telling her that this child NEEDED to learn to be away from her.  So obviously, homeschooling was a terrible idea because how would her child learn to be independent and to get along  with others, right?


I looked this mom in the eyes and gently said, "It is perfectly normal for your preschooler to want to be with you.  Young children are SUPPOSED to want to be with their parents. Young children NEED their parents. That is God's design."

It was like the weight of the world fell off of this precious mama's shoulders.  Her whole face lit up as she whispered, "You're right!"

We talked about the many ways that a mother can teach her child social skills as they are out and about in their community, shopping, going to the library, going to church, going to the post office.

"When you are with mommy,  it is safe to answer a stranger when they say hello.  Look in the person's eyes and say hello. Great job!"

"It's not polite to point at people and say things about them, honey. It might hurt their feelings."

"Don't forget to say 'please' and 'thank you'.

Our society has decided that experts should raise children, and parents must peel those tiny, trusting fingers off of their own and  "separate" themselves from their babies.  Then the parents will be FREE -  free to pursue their own interests, go out and make a buck (so they can send at least half of the paycheck to the government ), go to the gym, volunteer,  or do other very important stuff.  And some "expert" - thoroughly immersed, of course, in the most progressive child development theories - can worry about raising those kids.

To me, that is very sad.  What does your heart tell you? 


Linda said...

Beautifully put, thank you! I never wanted to homeschool, and when pubilc school did not work out for my child, I did lots of research, and kept coming back to homeschooling as the best alternative. I was terrified that my child would become one of those "weird homeschooled kids" and be socially inept. I read everything I could get my hands on, including Welcome to Homeschooling Guide and finally came to the conclusion that my child needed to be with me, and needed to be homeschooled. Once we started homeschooling it was like a ton of weight was lifted. Five years later, it is still one of the best decisions I could have made! Reading about people who have successfully completed homeschool high school, I am encouraged. Happy homeschooling!

Connie Jo Lewis said...

I love this Beth! Young childeen do need their mommies and Daddies...and we need them so much right back!

Creech Family said...

Oh, Beth - how very true. One of the many lies I believed with my oldest children but praise God He showed me His design with the last two thanks in large part to you and others. Keep encouraging - it's an eternal ministry God has used you for more times than you know! Love you and am hoping for some time to see you this summer?