Thursday, January 13, 2011


This was one of the longest blog breaks I've taken in quite a while.  Christmas is such a busy season, and even more so when oldest son is flying in from halfway across the country and then you all drive 700 miles to Grandma's house just for a couple of days but get hit with a major blizzard on the day you are supposed to drive back home and oldest son's flight back to TX is cancelled and he's told it will take several days to get him back there so you all drive 700 miles back home a day later than planned but it takes 4 extra hours because of all the traffic and oldest son  flies back to TX from here instead and then a week later you drive 4 hours out and 4 hours back to move children #2 & #3 back to college ( where college grad #2 has just gotten a job ) and it snows twice in NC where an inch of snow shuts everything down for days and we have to start back to school but I am seriously not ready in so many ways and I finally go see the doctor for my laundry list of "getting old" complaints and find out I have a vitamin deficiency, tennis elbow, and torn cartilage in my knee and yes, I'm getting old...  and my house is a wreck because of all the whirlwind of holiday/basketball/kids moving but I can't seem to gather the energy to really attack it and get things organized again  and we decide to look for a new church home and my emotions are just raw over that because a church is a family to me and it is so hard to break fellowship and start again but we really feel it is necessary and there are sooooooo many things that need to be done in my role as homeschool group leader ... and did I mention that I'm getting old and feel like I'm wading through knee-deep mud or having a dream where you try to run but can only move in slow-motion.... yah.  So... that is why I haven't posted anything lately.


Carla said...

And I thought driving four kids to Ohio by myself over the holidays was tough! I guess I have to use that "getting old" thing too because it took me a week to feel normal again. Miss you!

Enjoying Life Together said...

And you're still smiling in all the photos. Must be that peace that passes all understanding. Praying for you!

NCLighthousekeeper said...

Thanks, friends. And Carla, I think driving 4 kids by yourself beats my blizzard! I miss you too.