Thursday, January 27, 2011

Field Trip to the TV Station

Today I went with J on a field trip to the WRAL-TV Station.   Our guide was James, one of the news producers ( I think ) and he did a great job, showing us the Master Control room and engineering room, the production studio where they shoot local programming, the Lottery room, the news center and the weather center.   We got to chat with meteorologists Mike Maze and Greg Fishel, who were very friendly and very much "science geeks"!  It was a very interesting "behind-the-scenes" tour and I learned a few things, like if WRAL suddenly starts broadcasting "The Andy Griffith Show", something went very wrong and that is their "filler", meant to hold the audience until they can get things back up and running. Now you know.

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Enjoying Life Together said...

My kiddos weren't old enough. I was trying to think of someone I could "adopt" for a couple of hours so I could go! :) Looks like a fun time.