Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Search of a Practical Planner

I don't whine that often... but this is a WHINE coming on.  WHYYYYYY is it that when I find a weekly Planner that I really like,  the company stops making it or stores stop selling it or it becomes otherwise impossible to get the next year?!!!

I am particular about my Planner.
  • I want a Weekly / Monthly planner, with both a month-at-a-glance calendar, and weekly planning pages.  
  • It needs to be at least 7"x 9" - I can't write in teeny tiny spaces.  
  • I like a spiral-bound, notebook style planner rather than a leather portfolio type
  • I need an Academic Planner that starts in July or August , and prefer a 17-month planner, but will settle for 12 months if I have to. 
  • I like having extra blank pages or space to write notes, directions, lists, etc.  
  • I need a couple of pages for an address directory. 
  • I don't need or want designated boxes /columns for Goals or Priorities or Travel Expenses or other business-type things. 
  • I am a busy mom/homeschool teacher/volunteer, and I need a Mommy/household planner, but I also don't want a gazillion extra pages for household-y things that I won't use!  
The planner I used this past year was from Staples, and apparently no longer exists.  I have tried designing my own pages, printing them, and having them spiral-bound. That takes a good amount of time. I have looked at Target, Staples, and WalMart so far.  Nothing.

I found this one - momAgenda- online that seemed promising, but the price is higher than I want to spend.

Then I found this one - BusyBodyBook- that looks interesting.  

Anybody have a recommendation for a great Planner?


Duncan said...

the best planner/ calendar i have found is a day runner i bought at office depot here in asheville. it starts in july and has just the month over 2 pages. i have found in the past that i don't use the month and day pages because i have to write things twice. this calendar is also available with a leather zip up cover which i have enjoyed. now i can carry papers etc to practices and nothing falls out.
i enjoy your blog-just found it while looking for suggestions on crafts for tapestry year 1. thanks,mary

~~Rhonda said...

You could make up your own planner, using the one you like as a guide. Add the extras you want, print the pages, and have Fed-Ex or some such place bind it for you. If you can't find paper for the 7x9 size, print it on regular paper and they can even cut it for you. Or give them the files and they will fit it to the right paper.
If you save your files to your computer, you can make a new binder for the next year and always have exactly what you want. I use a half size three ring binder and make my own pages. Nice to have exactly what I want without any extras. ~~Rhonda