Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

Maybe it has something to do with turning 50 next week and my brain feeling like mush half the time.  I read once that as women get older and produce less estrogen, they lose their ability to multi-task!  Or maybe it is because I have half a dozen big things on my plate all needing attention, and I am by nature a highly-distractable person!   Therefore I tend to flit from one thing to the next, and have a hard time with completion.  But I am having trouble getting into "school mode". I don't feel ready. I need more time to organize and plan and prepare.  THEN I would be ready to dive in.

I USED to wait until after Labor Day to start school, which means I would have a couple more weeks. But our TOG Co-op started last week, and Amanda starts 3 outside classes (or supplemental tutorials, to be exact and comply with the requirements of the state homeschool statute)  in the next 2 weeks, so my hand is forced.

Last week we just did TOG history/literature/worldview reading, to be ready for Co-op.   Jason has moved up to the Dialectic class this year, which increases his reading load by quite a bit.  His reading speed/comfort level isn't there yet, so I still have to read about half of his assignments to him aloud.  I'm hoping for that "big leap" to come soon, where he'll start devouring books.  It happened with the other kids. sigh.

Amanda did fine with hers, and this week will add Algebra 2 and Spanish 2.  The following week she adds Government. My friend Eve is planning to do Psychology with her daughter and Amanda together, meeting after their Gov .class once a week, probably starting after Labor Day ( that's my kinda thinking!)   I still need to get her science, writing, computer, and graphic arts lessons planned out so she can start them some time soon. Except for the writing ( Write Shop 2 / TOG ), these are self-designed courses and not purchased curriculums.  If anyone is counting, that adds up to 10 courses for her senior year - English ( Lit / Writing ),  Algebra 2, Spanish 2, History, Government/Economics, Worldview/Philosophy, Psychology,  Family Health & Nutrition, Computer Apps., and Graphic Design.  hmmmm. 

J is in 7th grade this year... SEVENTH GRADE!  My baby!   gah!  No outside classes for him yet, just  TOG Co-op once a week to review/enrich history, literature, and worldview.  He has been working on math all summer, so this week we'll add grammar and writing. I am still figuring out his science - I decided that the amount of reading for Apologia General Science would put him "over the top", so I am trying to design some unit studies using the topics from that book, but with videos and library books and websites.... cuz he really likes science but really doesn't like reading right now.
He loves art so I will continue teaching an art class once a week... just have to figure out which day.  We'll host Geography club once a month as well as do the TOG geography.  Latin, piano, and Bible round out his curriculum, and those will be starting up in the next couple of weeks. 
So he has English ( Lit / grammar / writing) , History, Geography, Science, Math ( Pre-Alg), General science,  Art, Latin, Bible, and piano.

It sounds good on paper.

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~~Rhonda said...

Beth, I am 56 and in my first year of home-schooling. I am schooling my 7th grade daughter. The other four kids are past college age and on their own. Yikes. We have just finished our first full week of school. Seems most homeschooling blogs are written by 30 year olds with first graders. OK, that's an exaggeration...but you get the idea. :-D I declined to help with two projects at church when others stepped in to do them because I can't think about more than one big project at a time! Your post gave me some encouragement. If you can do it with three (?) students, I can surely do it with one! :)