Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember Those Carefree Summer Days ?

I remember my childhood when I spent just about every day at the town beach, a mile from my house, swimming and doing arts & crafts and playing with friends. My mom loaded us kids in the car each morning with a picnic lunch and we had FREE swimming lessons in the morning, ate lunch, and then spent 2 or 3 hours swimming and playing in the sand. In the evening we played kickball and wiffle ball in the back yard, swung on the tire swing, and played Red Light, Green Light or Mother May I. I was the oldest of 4 kids, and we were each other's playmates. I don't remember watching much tv, and going to play at a friend's house was a rare treat. We also spent hours wandering through the woods, following the brook for a mile or more until we came to another road and followed it back home, and scrambling over large boulders and stone walls that became a play house or even a whale in the ocean. Our Massachusetts home had no air conditioning, and windows were always wide open to catch a bit of a breeze. Some nights we slept outside in a tent, or on our screen porch.
My parents were both school teachers, so they were home in the summer and we usually took one or more family camping trips, visiting state parks and fun places all over the Northeast and Mid Atlantic. Another fun summer memory was going to the drive-in movies, when we kids would get in our pjs, mom would make a big bowl of popcorn and put juice in Tupperware cups with lids ( in the days before sippy cups, she punched holes in the lids and inserted drinking straws ), and we'd get to see TWO movies - if we could stay awake that late! We also spent time with aunts, uncles, and cousins, for cookouts and birthday parties ( I have a summer birthday).
Ah, the lazy carefree summer days of childhood.... somehow my kids aren't having the same experience, I don't think.

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