Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Runners Camp

This week J is attending Runners Camp ( a half-day track & field camp for kids ages 6-13 ) He loves it! Last year, when I signed him up for the first time, he was skeptical. After all, who would want to just run - and without a ball of any kind! But after the first day he was hooked! They learn to do long jump, high jump, javelin ( nerf!), shot put, hurdles, and various lengths of running races. At the end of the week they have a track meet where they compete for ribbons. Because this camp is run by a church, it also includes Bible verses, singing, and stresses good sportsmanship and character!

Amanda baked whoopie pies and sugar cookies today, and brought them to Camp tonight as a treat for the counselors and CITs. She has become known for her goodies! It may work against her though. She really wants to get called to come CIT again for one or more weeks. But the counselors who choose CITs have teased her that they don't want her there at camp, they want her home baking treats for them!

I've come to a stall as far as school planning and de-cluttering goes. I don't know why! But today is July 1st and I had better get a move on! Summer is flying by.

Alex finishes his Army training up in Maryland this week, so he'll be home this weekend for a 2 week stretch before he leaves for his base in TX. Yeah! I've missed him, and will miss him more when he goes ALL THE WAY TO TEXAS! That is so far away! I'm really proud of him. He called today to tell me that he finished 2nd in his class, and was only 8/10 of a point from being Distinguished Honor Guard, which is 1st in the class. He was surprised at how well he did, I think, and happy.



The Freeland Family said...

The boy will be BLESSED to be in TEXAS! :) ~S

Creech Family said...

I remember Runners Camp so well - J still talks about it and loved being a helper for 2 years after she "aged out". Glad "your J" likes it! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with Alex while he's home. Let me know if you have a day when he's not around and you have time to visit and we'll try to get together, OK? Take care -