Saturday, May 28, 2016

Placement Testing

My youngest is a slow reader, and struggles with finishing the sections on timed tests. He has always scored right around 50% -ish on his annual standardized tests. He has taken the ACT test twice, and his scores are okay, but did not meet the minimum for registering for college-transfer classes at the community college, which has been the plan for his senior year/5th year of high school. So yesterday  he took the placement test at the local community college campus. Those scores can be used in lieu of ACT or SAT scores, but there is a minimum score required in order to register for classes in the college pathway. If he didn't make the minimum score, it would be back to the drawing board.   No pressure, right?

The test, NC DAP,  has 3 sections - Math, English/Reading, and Essay. All but the essay is untimed, and there is a 2 hour limit for the essay. It is all on the computer and you get the results immediately. Jason spent 2 weeks reviewing algebra with his dad, and doing some practice essays from prompts. It took him 4 hours to complete the test, and then he sat down with Ms. Hudgins, who oversaw the testing, for his results.

He passed with flying colors, and she commented that she always can tell which kids are homeschooled because they are the "child geniuses"!! That made him feel pretty good.


Obviously, the timed factor is a big issue for him, and we will have to address that going forward.  But now he is walking around the house telling his siblings, "You can address me as Child Genius."

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DerwinandFaye Creech said...

Haha - I can just hear his voice now saying that Tell the child genius great job but it's only because of his genius Mom who knew enough to go that route! Have a great summer, Beth!