Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday is for Menu Planning

Eat Healthy.
Save Money.
Lose Weight.
Keep Things Simple.
Taste Good. 
No Time.

Planning meals hasn't gotten any easier, now that there are only 3 (sometimes 4) of us to cook for. As hubby and I hit the middle of our 50's, health concerns continue to become more... concerning.  Blood pressure running a little high. Triglycerides borderline high.  Allergies.  Low Vitamin D.  Are we getting enough fiber? Are pesticides poisoning us? Stay away from "artificial", "processed", "high fructose corn syrup",  "rbGH" ,"GMO" and "MSG".  Is soy good or is it bad? How about gluten?

On top of that, I have a 17 year old, 6' 1" athlete to feed who wants his food quick and tasty and abundant.   And a husband who just wants to "take a pill" so he can eat whatever he wants.  And a busy schedule that means that I'm often throwing together something quick before I run out the door.  We rarely eat together like we did when kids were young.  Oy.

I'm trying to amp up the veggies.  Less meat. Less starches. Less dairy.

Thank goodness for Pinterest.  A girl's gotta have a plan.

Sweet and Sour Chicken and Broccoli

Spinach Feta Mushroom Frittata
Zucchini Chips
Tomato Avocado Onion salad

Taco Salad (romaine lettuce, chopped tomato, chopped avocado, chopped red onion, black beans, shredded cheddar,  taco seasoned ground turkey, crumbled tortilla chips, salsa mixed with sour cream)

Blackened Tilapia w/ fresh peach salsa
Asian Quinoa Cole Slaw
oven fries

Turkey Pesto Grilled Cheese - with avocado, tomato, bacon
carrot, bell pepper, and celery sticks

Grilled Lemon Herb Pork Chops
baked sweet potato
steamed garlic green beans
spinach salad 


Do you have any good, healthy, easy, tasty recipes you love?  Please share.


LZConnor said...

My family really likes Oven Baked Fajitas. I've substituted Old El Paso fajita seasoning for the seasonings listed because that's what I had on hand. I like the mixture with or without tortillas. The kids usually eat them on tortillas with all the other good things like cheese and sour cream. :)

NCLighthousekeeper said...

Mmmmm, that looks really good, Laura! We like fajitas. I'll definitely be trying this recipe.