Sunday, July 7, 2013

Turning Off the Television

While I am not a big TV watcher, the boys in my family are.  SportsCenter is the first thing J turns on in the morning.  Sports events of all kinds, but especially basketball and baseball,  are a staple. Certain TV shows capture their attention for a while - NCIS,  Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty. 
And when they watch TV, I typically am on the computer, although I do enjoy a few shows too. Cupcakes Wars and So You Think You Can Dance are set up to record on our  DVR each week.   Since it is something my husband enjoys doing to unwind and relax after work, he isn't always willing to put limits on screen time.  However, from time to time, we both agree that it is time for a "No TV Month". 

We have done this numerous times over the years.  We try to be considerate of any big TV "events" that are being looked forward to, like March Madness or the Olympic Games, or even the American Idol finale, IF we have been watching all season. (we didn't watch at all last season, but were glued during the Scotty McCreery season.)  But this spring after the NCAA Championship college basketball game was over, the TVwent off.

The only exception  during "No TV month" is if I have planned something to watch for school - a movie or documentary for history, for instance.   Or extreme weather that perhaps warrants keeping tabs on the weather reports.  Otherwise, the screen is off, and while we don't forbid computer time, we do try to curtail it.  It is amazing how quiet and peaceful the house is when the TV isn't on all the time.  Much more reading gets done. Board games come out.  There is more talking.  We go on more walks  After a couple of days, nobody really misses it anymore.  After 30 days, I was more than ready to go for month 2, but got overruled.  Still it was a nice respite, and good for each of us to remember what other things we enjoy doing during "down time".

What would you do with your time if you turned the TV off for 30 days?

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