Tuesday, April 26, 2011

End of Year Crunch

Life is a whirlwind around here right now.  Not only is it the end of the school year, but it is the end of the school year with a SENIOR!  whew!

We just spent Easter weekend in Boone. Sarah and Eric both had to stay on campus due to work duties, so we packed up all the Easter baskets and fixin's for Easter dinner and headed for the hills - literally. Friday night we had dinner at Woodlands BBQ in Blowing Rock. Saturday we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway to a spot they knew for a short hike up to a scenic lookout.  Unfortunately, my knee couldn't handle anything more than a short hike, and I needed some help up and down the trail even at that. Darn worn out knee.  The knee didn't stop me from showing my kids I can still swing a plastic bat and be competitive in Home Run Derby though, and Mom tied for 2nd place.  I cooked dinner in Sarah's apartment on Sat. night, and then fell asleep on the couch watching "Voyage of the Dawn Treader".   I couldn't really hide the Easter baskets this year, since we were in a small apartment, so they were placed on the coffee table - but Jason felt gypped....sorry, buddy.   We worshipped our risen Saviour at Alliance Bible Fellowship, and then enjoyed a dinner of baked ham, Grandma's pineapple sauce, roasted potatoes, whole green beans, rolls, and strawberry shortcake. 

Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom is less than 2 weeks away now!  We have 131 registrations in, with quite a few still expected to arrive this week. Wristbands, candles, and candleholders have been ordered. We met with the caterer last week and decided on the menu for the buffet. The final confirmation emails are going out. Chaperones are lined up.  There are a whole lot of little details to still take care of over the next. If you would, please pray for good weather on May 6.

Our homeschool group has a graduation ceremony each year, and this June we have the largest number of seniors ever!  Thirty students will receive diplomas and congratulations from their parents in a lovely, personalized ceremony on June 4.  I've been helping the Graduation Committee with the plans this year, and am printing the diplomas for the ceremony.  Amanda, my 4th child and baby girl, is graduating this year.  I'll be homeschooling just one child for the next 5 years, until my baby boy finishes high school. Oh my.

Baseball season has arrived - J is playing little league  and also still doing a weekly  private coaching session for basketball.  He continues to love sports and excels in both of these. His favorite sport is basketball during basketball season,  and baseball during baseball season.

Last weekend, Mark and I flew to MA to attend the wedding of his nephew. It was a nice get-away! We haven't seen a good bit of his family in 8 years, since his dad's funeral, so it was a reunion as well.  Sitting around the table with Mark's brothers and sister, we marveled at the longevity of our marriages -  33 years, 29 years, 29 years, 24 years -  and commented that we hoped ( or prayed, in my case) that the bride and groom would carry on that legacy, rather than that of the bride's family, with its multiple broken marriages and relationships, evident even at this happy occasion.

Our cupcake fundraiser has gone extremely well. Amanda has almost reached her goal for the Uganda missions trip.  Since response has been so great, and my friends don't seem to be sick of cupcakes yet, I think I'll continue baking for a while longer, and contribute as much as I can towards Sarah's support for her internship with Safe World Nexus next year. 

I am passing along the reins of support group presidency with Lighthouse at the end of June, and am looking forward to a period of less responsibility in the group, although I do plan to stay active and support the new leaders. :-)  But I feel like I have neglected my house, my husband, our homeschool, and my relationship with the Lord, not giving them the attention they need, due to my other commitments recently.  I hope to rectify that situation.

There is some major cleaning that has to take place here before graduation.  Family is coming to visit, and we'll be having an Open House for friends after the ceremony.  Better go get started on that. 

Savor the moments.


Lea said...

sometimes we just "know" when its time to regroup, step back, enter a season of Sabbath....
Lighthouse has done well under your leadership, excited to hear the new chapters !
And as always looking forward to the cupcakes!

Tina said...

Beth, This is the strangest thing! I just googled NC geography bee homeschool and read your last post. I am Tina, and live in Boone and my husband and I are active members of Alliance Bible Fellowship! I live right up and across from Tweetsie, between Boone and Blowing Rock. We were at church together last week! Anyway, I want my son to participate in the National Geography Bee and was searching for info on organizing a group. Any suggestions? (We homeschool our 6 children.)

Tina said...

Beth, Thank you for answering my questions on my blog. I'm going to look into getting a geography group together for next year.

The Gregorys are dear friends of ours. Lydia and my Bethany are very close! I am sure I've met your daughter at some point. What a small world!