Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homeschool Prom, Take 2

Just 5 weeks until "Masquerade", the  2nd annual Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom, which we've been planning since early fall.  Tickets went on sale in November, a full 2 months earlier than last year, and at this point we have received over 95 registrations/payments, which is WAY more than we had this time last year.   That is a very good thing, and the reason we instituted price increases on Feb. 1st and April 1st.   Last year, most of the registrations came in AFTER the deadline, which was quite nerve-wracking for us Prom planners who had made MAJOR financial commitments for this event.

Our Prom Committee is made up of several high school girls and mothers.  Our theme is "Masquerade", inspired by Phantom of the Opera, and our colors are black, white, red, gold, and silver. We picked out linens for the tables -  black satin crush on some tables, and burgundy satin with gold/black lace overlay on others.  Amanda found an online store that sells vintage looking candleholders at wholesale prices, so we are planning on having candles, silk roses & rose petals, tea-stained notes, strands of fake pearls, white gloves, all arranged on mirrors in the centers of the tables. 
Other than the check-in table, that is about all the decorating we need to do. The venue is gorgeous all by itself, so we don't need too much, plus we rent a tent that is bordered with white twinkle lights - and hopefully will have a chandelier, too. 

Requests are still coming in for registration packets, and according to my daughter, a lot of people she knows have SAID they are coming, but haven't sent in their forms or money yet. Hope they get on that soon!  We need to decide how many tables we need so we can order the candleholders and other items needed for the centerpieces. We need to order wristbands for everyone to wear. We still need to talk with the caterer and finalize the menu. We need to mail out info for the photographer.  We have a couple more Sponsors who have donated money. We are also promoting our Benefit, which is "Meet Me at the Bridge", a non-profit that provides meals and help for homeless people in inner-city Durham, NC.   We are encouraging everyone to bring bottles of water, which the organization can distribute to homeless people during the hot summer months, and we are challenging everyone to give up one fast food meal during the month of April and donate the money they would have spent. We are hoping to raise at least $300. 

On another Prom front, we finally found a dress for Amanda. Pictures will come later.  It was NOT easy to find a pretty, modest dress that fit - but hallelujah for Belk's Women's Dept.!  We actually found TWO beautiful dresses and spent 45 minutes in the dressing room, getting unsolicited advice from every sales clerk and shopper who walked in, trying to decide.    She is happy.  No she just needs shoes and a mask to go with it.

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