Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Look Back at our Halloweens

This is the year... the last of my children has "outgrown" Halloween.   Well, we haven't celebrated "Halloween" for a long time - yuck -  but we've always enjoyed the ART of carving pumpkins and the fun of dressing up and going to a fall festival and indulging in sweets. We have held a FEAR NOT party a couple of times, focusing on the fact that Jesus Christ conquered death and spiritual darkness; he is the LIGHT of the world, and therefore we have nothing to fear! I'm not one to shut off my lights and draw the curtains - I always have candy ready to hand out if anyone comes to my door, but they won't find any spiders (okay, a few real that insist of spinning webs around my doorway no matter how many times I sweep them away ) , ghosts, monsters, gravestones, or witches here.  Only lights, flowers, pumpkins, and maybe a smiling scarecrow.

Here is a look back at some past Halloweens...

Alex - 1988

Eric , age 2-  1991
Eric -  age 11?

Jason (5) & Amanda (10) -2003


Jason, age 10 -   2008

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