Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another College Graduation

Child #2 graduated from Appalachian State University on May 9th, earning summa cum laude honors along with her B.S. in Technical Photography. We are very proud of our girl and all the hard work she put into her college work. Sarah also had a lot of fun during the last four years. :-)

Here is a little poem Amanda and I wrote, which we included in the graduation announcements we made for Sarah.

In 2004 it all began,
When of the Mountaineers and Yosef she became a fan.
She packed her bags and headed to Boone,
Where in East Hall she settled into her first dorm room.
Sarah soon realized designing interiors wasn't her thing,
But learning photography was much more to her liking.
Shag dancing, gospel choir, club volleyball, and Cru...
Sarah found that at ASU there was so much to do!
An RA for Gardner, Daughton, and App.Heights;
With Sarah on duty, there were no drugs, drinking, or fights.
The winters were long and the weather was crappy,
But summer trips to Vienna and Africa made Sarah happy.
Studying and working took up some of her day,
But picnicking, zombie hunting, and waterfall jumping
was how she liked to play.
Now it is 2010 and her college years are done.
On May 9th she'll tak her diploma and run.
A year -long internship with Campus Crusade for Christ in Raleigh
Is what she'll do next, close to friends and family.

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GrammaJelly said...

Thanks for posting the video...I loved seeing our Sarah receive her degree! ! ! ! ! Almost as good as being there (not really). Amanda, you poem was GREAT! ! ! ! looking forward to seeing you all.