Sunday, January 31, 2010

SNOW! A Rare treat!

Living in central North Carolina, snow is a rare treat. It took a few years for this Northern-bred girl to get over my astonishment at the fact that things here completely SHUT DOWN whenever a couple of inches fall. In fact, just the prediction of snow is enough to cause event cancellations and a run on the milk and bread aisles at the grocery store! A winter storm dropped 5 inches on Friday night and Saturday, and not only was everything cancelled yesterday, but church services were cancelled today and most schools are closed tomorrow. Our street has not seen a plow, and most likely won't. And the secondary street that we are off of saw its first snowplow late this afternoon. Temperatures this afternoon got slightly above freezing but are dropping into the 20's again tonight, so all the slush will refreeze into ice. According to the TV news, state budget cuts have resulted in even fewer workers and trucks out plowing and treating NC roads, so .... the official advice is STAY HOME. Fortunately Mark can work from home, and we still have milk and cereal and bread and peanut butter. Sadly we are out of hot chocolate mix though.

Wait! What did I just see on WRAL? More snow possible for next weekend?????

deer tracks in our backyard

sledding down our street

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GrammaJelly said...

You have more snow than we have in MA. We've not had good 'snowman' snow since November...only 1 snowman for Giulia this year. Dad says you can keep it, tho'. Love you!