Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Camping in Boone

We just spent 4 days in the mountains, camping at the KOA in Boone while Eric attended his freshman orientation at Appalachian State University. The weather was wonderful - temps in the 70's, maybe low 80's during the day; a few scattered rain showers didn't dampen things very much.

The university does a great, 2-day parents orientation as well, with lots of good information for parents about the university and about the challenges that students face as they start college. But since we went through this same orientation program 2 years ago with Sarah, we only attended the first 2 sessions on Monday, and then opted to spend the rest of the time hanging out with the younger kids, playing frisbee and wiffle ball and hanging out at the campground.

We would have stayed out their longer than 4 days, but Eric had to get back to work at camp, and Jason has his town-league baseball tournament this week. So we took what we could get!


GrammaJelly said...

Ohhhh! Such wonderful memories and for me, it brings back memories of our own camping days. How great that you had a chance to do it, again. love, mom

Creech Family said...

What fun! (Tell J I like his t-shirt, too!!)

Eve said...

I hope you told Joanne and Bob hello for us. It's funny - Jason and Amanda being the "younger" kids! I know it's true; it just struck me as funny.

christinemm said...

Great photos. Love the marshmallow on fire and the pool shots especially! A picture tells a thousand words.