Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to Boone

We drove Sarah back to Appalachian State University yesterday ~ a 12-hour undertaking; we left home at 10 AM and got back just before 10 PM! Mark, Sarah's friend Bekah, and I went to help move her into her dorm and get her settled. She is an RA this year, so was assigned to a different dorm than last year ~ MUCH smaller rooms! We ended up bringing a couple of things back home that just wouldn't fit, but managed to squeeze in most of her belongings! Her roommate will arrive in about 10 days ~ hope Sarah leaves some room for her! For the next week and a half she will have RA training, which is a lot of information about campus services and how to deal with conflicts and crises in the dorm and teambuilding and all that fun stuff.

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