Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Final Graduate

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, Cornerstone Academy graduated its 5th and final student.

This year has been tough, emotionally. I have been grieving the "lasts" -  last first day of school, last Eagles basketball season, last Liberty basketball tournament, last semester as a homeschool.... and on and on. I have tried to savor the moments and appreciate the goodness.  My head knows that this is the end of one chapter, but the beginning of a brand new one that has fresh potential for growth and new experiences and joys.  But my heart still hurts.  My years of actively mothering and teaching a child under my roof and under my care are over.

I have grieved other stages of life as well. I remember feeling sadness when my youngest started kindergarten, and I realized that I would never again be a mother of a preschooler. Sounds silly, but it felt like a physical blow.  Similar to the when my oldest turned 20, and suddenly I was old enough to have a child in his twenties.  And when the baby turned double digits, and then became a teenager, and ALL my children had left behind those tender years of childhood.

I shed many tears this past week, even as I look forward to seeing what the future holds for my baby boy. I am proud as punch of him, and of his older brothers and sisters as well.  I LIKE my kids. They are good people.  I am FULL of gratitude that they all still seem to like being around me and their dad and each other. I don't take that blessing lightly!

Our support group graduation ceremony featured 43 homeschools presenting diplomas to their seniors. As always, it was a lovely, moving ceremony.  As I told him when I presented him his diploma, I am extremely thankful for the opportunity and blessing of being able to homeschool all 5 of my children. It has been challenging, tiring, and frustrating at times, but most of all, it has been my joy and my privilege.


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Dana said...

Aw . . . I'm sorry . . . and congratulations? I just graduated my first and it was bittersweet enough. 5 more to go . . .