Saturday, December 26, 2015

Time for Bible Journaling

It happens eventually.

I know it is hard to believe - VERY hard to believe - for those of you in the midst of raising and teaching children.

But they grow up and become independent learners and you discover that you actually have time to do things you have been putting off ( like cleaning) or ignoring (like cleaning) or waiting until you had more time ( like drawing and writing and art journaling and reading things other than parenting/homeschooling books)

With only a 17-year-old still at home, I find myself with time again.  This is a strange feeling that has taken some getting used to.  I miss having a houseful of kids, and nothing makes me happier than everyone gathering under our roof for a holiday or other celebration!  But I am also enjoying the chance to be creative again. 

I recently discovered the world of bible journaling -  thank you again, Pinterest - and have been exploring the hashtags #illustratedfaith and #biblejournaling on Instagram.  I also joined the Journaling Bible Community on Facebook and discovered some websites, like
Soooo many great ideas, inspiring photos, creative people!  

Mark gave me a journaling bible for Christmas, so I am ready to go!  I also got journaling bibles for my girls, along with some Micron pens and watercolor pencils.  They enjoy creative things as well and I know they will enjoy engaging with Scripture in this way!

I took the idea for a "permission page" from Lauren at The Thinking Closet,
and I think it will help me combat my tendency towards perfectionism and fear of ruining a page.

Here is my first page.  I stuck with the familiar for this -   pen and pencil. 

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