Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Award or a Kick in the Pants

It seems to me that if a friend nominates your blog for an Award, you should actually write something more than once every couple of months!! I think this is the longest I have let this blog go... it was not entirely intentional, but the more I didn't write, the more I didn't know how to start up again. You know? There comes a time when you really can't "catch up", so you just have to cut the losses and start where you are. So here I go.

So where am I? Well, summer is over. ( what? how? but I didn't.... ) We are "back in school". J's schedule kicks in full-gear this week with the commencement of Spanish and Guitar. That is in addition to
  • Tapestry of Grace ( Year 2 ) for history/geography/literature
  • Adv. Winston Grammar
  • Public Speaking
  • Write Shop
  • Teaching Textbooks Algebra I
  • Apologia Physical Science 
  • basketball 
Amanda is a freshman at ECU ( Eastern Carolina University ).  She isn't having fun yet.

Alex is back in the USA; finishing up his last week of Army "work" before he starts terminal leave leading up to his exit from the US Army in November.  He is still in TX and will begin job-hunting from there.

Eric started an IT job with Glass House Technologies in Cary. He is living at home for the time being, so he and J have gotten in some good "brother bonding"  over video games, lifting weights, and playing basketball lately.

Sarah has just arrived back home after her summer stint as Production Editor at Spring Hill Camps in Evart, MI.  She is "in between employment" again, and spending lots of time on the computer searching job sites and filling out applications.

I have decided that unmarried adult children require just as much energy as young kids, however it is emotional energy instead of physical energy.

We took our annual trip to Massachusetts at the end of July, to visit with family, and everyone but Eric was able to make the trip. That was Won.Der.Ful!!  We took an overnight  jaunt up to  Freeport, ME with my parents and siblings. And attended our 35th year high school reunion ( Mark and I graduated in the same H.S. class - and we were class of '78, but joined the class in front of us for the reunion - small school )

Mark and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Asheville, NC last weekend, and had a wonderful time exploring the Biltmore Estate and downtown Asheville shops.   I could definitely live in the mountains.  Definitely.

Here are few pics from the summer.  And about that Award? That will be my next post.

getting Lobster Rolls in Maine

 Seesters!  at Grammy & Grampa's house

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Counselor and CIT at New Life Camp

at Victoria Station Cafe, Putnam, CT 

Banana Split Cupcakes

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