Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinterest = Genius

My daughter recently introduced me to Pinterest, and I'm hooked.   Not hooked, as in addicted and can't think of anything else and keep checking multiple times a day to see what has been "pinned" lately.  But hooked as in this is something very useful for my life!  Let me explain.

First of all, for the uninitiated, Pinterest is a website. Free.  It is a virtual pinboard where you organize and share all the beautiful, inspiring, useful things you find on the web!  Let me tell you, for a visual person, this is GENIUS.   It is one thing to have a long list of Favorites, even organized into folders, but a PICTURE list of favorites organized by category is 10X better!

You create as many Pinboards as you like and give them any label you like.  Some of my boards include  Oh, to be Organized! , I Love Cupcakes, Gift Ideas, Seasons & Holidays, Wish List, Yard & Garden, Healthy Eating & Living, and Crafty Ideas.  You load a "Pin It' button onto your browsers Toolbar, and then when you are browsing the web and find things you want to save, you click the Pin It button and save it to one of your Pinterest Boards!  Later, when you click on the picture on your Pinterest board, it takes you to the original website!  You can also look at other people's boards for inspiration, and Pin items directly from there - that's the "sharing" part. :-) 

You are pinning pictures, so a recipe must have a picture, or at least a graphic that goes with it, in order to pin it to your board. 

Home Decorating, Wedding Planning, Homeschool ideas, Recipes, Vacation Planning .... so many ways to organize and plan!

I created a Wish List of things I would like to receive and gave my husband the link - because when he or my kids ask me, "What do you want for Christmas, Mom?" , I generally draw a complete blank!  I don't keep a mental list of gift items in my head - I have too many other things to remember!   But occasionally I'll think of something that I'd really like, and then I can go find it on a website and Pin It, and voila!  It is there so I don't have to "remember" to tell him!

Pinterest works by "invitation".   You can go to the website and request an invitation, or have a friend invite you.  ( a marketing ploy, I'm sure, because it causes people to spread the word to all their friends )  Guess that worked. ;-)


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