Monday, March 8, 2010

Boys Art Class

Here are a couple of pictures of the projects we've been doing in the Boys Art Class that I teach on Mondays.  We spent the first 3 weeks making papier mache monsters.  The Lesson Plan I loosely followed is here.   And here is a cool video of a real papier mache artist who makes monsters - we watched this at the beginning of class and the boys thought it was very cool!


The next project was using clay.  We  made pinch pot "face jugs" or "ugly jugs".  The lesson plan, along with some history of "face jugs" is here.    We used air-dry clay, and the boys learned about wedging, making coils, slurry, & scoring to join layers together. It took 3 weeks for this project as well, and we kept the pots moist between classes by wrapping them in plastic shopping bags.  After the pots were dried, we painted them with acrylic paint and sprayed them with glossy acrylic sealer. 


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