Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Craft Fair & Gingerbread House Contest

Our homeschool group holds an annual Christmas Craft Day and Gingerbread House Contest. Moms and teens set up tables with craft materials and help the children create crafts that they can give to family and friends for Christmas. Christmas music playing on the boom box and cookies and lemonade added to the festive atmosphere.

This year there were 13 entries in the Gingerbread House Contest; the kids get a kick out of seeing what everyone else came up with and plotting the things they will attempt next year. We had a pair of impartial judges come and award 1st place in each of our categories ( age 8-12, age 13- 18, and Kits ) and we also had Viewers Choice awards, where everyone got to vote for their favorites with a $1 ticket. The money from the Viewers Choice voting as well as the $5 entry fees totalled $127, which went to the Salvation Army of Wake County!

the one on the right was a gingerbread earthquake!!!

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GrammaJelly said...

Great job! What a delightful event.