Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beach Weekend Getaway

Sorry ~ I've been slacking in getting things posted... but this summer has been BUSY.

Amanda's 16th birthday was last week. Monday night (the day after getting home from our camping trip) she had a bunch of friends here for games and snacks - it was supposed to be at the park, but it rained, so our house was backup.

Then on Thursday, Amanda, four of her friends, Jason, and I hopped in the car and headed for the coast, where some friends generously allowed us to stay in their vacation house in Beaufort, NC for a long weekend. Mark, Sarah, Eric, and his girlfriend followed on Friday, so we had 11 people in the cutest little house imaginable, with its own dock on the Intracoastal Waterway. Atlantic Beach was only about 20 minutes away, so we spent 2 afternoons at the beach...

and the rest of the time we were playing games, cooking & eating, watching movies, dancing, and lounging on the dock watching the boats go by! We are campers, and we've never stayed at a cottage before... it was so cool to have a full kitchen and TV and comfy beds and air conditioning and a yard to play in.... we were totally spoiled.

Gorgeous girls - inside and out!

The first night I fried up homemade tortilla chips and we had nachos... chips with taco meat, shredded colby jack cheese, sour cream, homemade guacomole, salsa, and lettuce. yum YUM! Chips from a bag just don't hold a candle to homemade ones!

My friend Donna sent along a huge container of homemade meat sauce and the fixin's for baked ziti... that was night #2, with spinach salad and Italian bread.

And the third night was hot dogs, corn on the cob, deli coleslaw & potato salad, and watermelon.

Except for Amanda's hacking cough, it was an awesome weekend. Poor Amanda had a terrible cough that kept her up at night, and we have since visited the doctor and gotten an antibiotic to treat a mycoplasma infection (walking pneumonia). :-(

Best Friends Forever


Enjoying Life Together in NC said...

What a great way to celebrate turning 16! Thanks for sharing the photos. I have tears in my eyes...happy sweet 16, Amanda!

Eve said...

Thanks for being a short order cook. Emily said - there was some for me with no sauce - some for Ellie with no cheese, etc. She had a great time and will remember it forever.

Creech Family said...

What a great time thanks to a great mother!! I know you're busy and tired with so much going on this summer but you are doing the "best" things with your kids! Love to see you sometime - I miss you and yours!!