Thursday, December 11, 2008

African Children's Choir

Yesterday we went to a concert by the African Children's Choir at Kings Park International Church, in Durham. What a group of kids! The concert was full of joy and energy - entertaining, exciting, inspiring. But the story behind the African Children's Choir is a true God-story! The first choir was formed from orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda in 1984, in the midst of a bloody civil war.

"Inspired by the singing of one small boy, we formed the first African Children’s Choir - to show the world that Africa’s most vulnerable children have beauty, dignity and unlimited ability."

Proceeds from the tours and from donations and sponsors have funded the building of orphanages and schools back in Africa, as well as providing for the continuing care, education, and development of the choir children themselves - some 700 children have now been through the choir program since 1984.

Kings Park International Church bought a house and 6 acres of land to provide the choir with a home, called Mirembe House, as a familiar place for rest, play, and study between tours. The Friends of Mirembe is an organization of volunteers who provide meals, clothing, recreational and educational materials, and special events for the choir children, who are between ages 8 -12.

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