Friday, March 21, 2008

Hit By The Flu Bug

Well, this week certainly didn't go as I had planned. On Monday I woke up with a cough, which I attributed to allergies, and set out to get the family ready to leave early Tuesday for the big basketball tournament at Liberty Univ. I started the kids doing laundry and made my shopping list and hit WalMart for 4 days worth of snacks, drinks, and lunch stuffs, to try to save on the expense of eating out all week. I made 2 pizzas and wrapped them up, made a big bowl of tuna-pasta salad, bought kaiser rolls and sandwich fixins, chips, apples, crackers, trail mix, gatorade. We started packing... and I started to feel achy and feverish. By dinner time I was on the couch, and by bedtime I was throwing up.

In the morning, I was in no condition to drive 3 hours in the car and then sit in a gym all day, so I decided to stay home and hopefully get a ride up to Lynchburg with one of the other families who were driving up on Wednesday. The kids were disappointed - especially the younger two, who still like having Mom around - because this was supposed to be "Family Time", which is much revered in this household. But things were what they were - I was SICK. Well, the throwing up didn't last long, thankfully, but the fever, lightheadedness, and cough continued and I wasn't any better on Wednesday, or on Thursday. So while my family has been in Lynchburg at the HSPN East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships, I have been home all by myself, sleeping mostly, or lying on the couch watching the Food Channel or Discovery Health ( mostly watching babies being born ). This bug really wiped me out. I found standing up in the shower or walking to the end of the driveway to get the mail to be extremely exhausting. Today I am better. I have gotten through the day without any doses of Nyquil. I'm still coughing but I don't think I'm running a temp any more. According to sources familiar with this bug, it runs a 7-10 day course!!

Sarah just got home for Easter Weekend, and she is running out to do the Easter shopping for her poor sick mother who isn't strong enough to tackle any kind of store yet.

The basketball troops should be home late tonight. They have done okay in the tournament, according to the phone calls I've received... won 2 and lost 1 in the first round of pool play, and then got matched against the Greensboro Panthers in the Bracket play. Greensboro just happens to be the NC state championship varsity team - we lost to them last night by 18 but Mark was actually very happy with the way the boys played... in the 2nd half, anyway.
So this evening they had one more game to determine 3rd/4th place in their bracket. I'm hoping Amanda comes home with some pictures I can post.

So, the bright side - HOPEFULLY, the rest of the family won't get this mess since they have been out of the house all week. I'm going around with a can of Lysol disinfectant spray right now, trying to sanitize the house of all germs before they come home. There have been times I have wanted to have a few days at home all by myself so I could get some major projects done - this was NOT that opportunity, since I couldn't even get off the couch. It was very lonely. I didn't even have the dog for company, since we had put him in the kennel for the week, assuming we would all be gone. But I really couldn't have handled him anyway, so it was just as well. I'll be glad to have my family back home tonight.

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Creech Family said...

Hope you've mended now and enjoying the family being back around you. Take care!