Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Nest is Full

We had a very nice Thanksgiving at the home of our friends, the Dohertys, with 7 families and a total of 38 people! Karen roasted 2 turkeys, and everyone brought an assortment of sides, breads, and desserts to fill 4 buffet tables in her dining room. My contribution this year was Parker House Rolls, apple and chocolate silk pies, pizzelles, garlic-parmesan smashed potatoes, cornbread-sausage-apple stuffing in the crockpot, and an antipasto veggie salad. After giving thanks for God's provision and many blessings, everyone filled their plates and spread out over the house and yard. The adults talked... and talked... and talked... and the kids played front yard football and Catch Phrase and Guitar Hero... and everyone enjoyed the time of feasting and fellowship.

We have a full house this week, with Sarah and Alex both home from college, with an additional two friends who are staying with us. Mark borrowed a laptop projector for the week, to which they have hooked up Alex's X-Box 360 - so my living wall is a giant screen for playing video games and watching DVDs. There has been lots of late nights and laughter and music and dancing and munching and teasing ... I am in heaven. :-) It will be quiet when they go back to school on Sunday.

Sarah and friends Bekah and Jenna stayed up all night Thursday night and hit Kohls when they opened at 4 AM on Black Friday ( insane!!) , arriving home at 7:30 AM to fall into bed (and the LR couch) and sleep a few hours. Me on the other hand.... I avoid the stores like the plague on the day after Thanksgiving. I will have to go out today ( Sat. ), but still under duress ~ I just do not like to shop. I did go online yesterday and make a few holiday purchases. That is much more to my liking.

I'll have pictures up as soon as I get new batteries for the camera! Right now I am waiting for AAA to come and change the flat tire on my van. At least it is in my driveway and I am sitting in my warm house with a cup of tea and not on the side of the road somewhere. Yay for AAA!!


Lea said...

..those are the best holidays... the ones packed with kids and fun and laughter!!! Dana and I hit the craft show yesterday.. A MADHOUSE... I'm with you, online shopping is the way to go!!

GrammaJelly said...

Cherish these days of kids, fun, laughter and sleeping bags everywhere. I miss the chaos! Love it! Our house was fairly quiet..only 8 of us. All went home fairly early as David had to get back to the cafe to bake for Friday, Steve, Lynn & Isak off to other side of the family gathering.
David and Chris back for left-overs on Friday. Now, it's just dad and me, again.